Nuna Vs. UPPAbaby (Car Seats And Strollers Guide)

Nuna vs. UPPAbaby car seat and stroller is a fair comparison because both brands are among the best in the market. 

These brands have not only prioritized child safety but have also successfully blended functionality with style. 

In this Nuna vs. UPPAbaby car seat and stroller article, I will cover important aspects of these car seats such as infant car seats, convertible car seats, and even stroller compatibility.

Before I start the comparison properly, a brief history and brand reputation from Nuna and UPPAbaby might help.

Nuna vs. UPPAbaby Car Seat

Nuna Vs. UPPAbaby: History and Brand Reputation

Both Nuna and Uppababy have a rich lineage in the baby gear industry. Originating from distinct corners of the world, they’ve garnered global recognition.

Nuna, with its Dutch roots, emphasizes smart design, while Uppababy, stemming from the US, prides itself on innovation.

Over the years, both brands have accumulated numerous awards and safety certifications, assuring parents of their credibility.

Nuna Vs. UPPAbaby: Product Line Overview

Nuna and Uppababy offer an array of children’s car seats designed to cater to different age and weight groups. From infant car seats to toddler boosters, they’ve ensured a continuum of safety.

While models may vary, you should pick one that best aligns with your child’s current developmental stage.

For this reason, we shall be comparing UPPAbaby car seats and Nuna car seats to see which is more suitable for your little one.

Let’s begin with infant car seats.

UPPAbaby Vs. Nuna Infant Car Seat Specs

Under the infant car seat category, we shall be looking at Nuna Pipa vs. UPPAbaby Mesa.

UPPAbaby Mesa Vs. Nuna Pipa

If you have zeroed in on Nuna and UPPAbaby infant car seats, this analysis will help you decide which is better for your child.

To make the UPPAbaby Mesa vs. Nuna Pipa worthwhile, we shall consider their specs, weigh their pros and cons, and determine which one might be the right fit for you.

Let’s begin with the Mesa infant car seat.

UPPAbaby Mesa Infant Car Seats: Specs, Pros, and Cons


  • Suitable for infants: 4-35 lbs and up to 32” in height
  • No-rethread harness
  • Side-impact protection
  • Weighs approximately 10 lbs
  • Direct attachment to UPPAbaby VISTA and CRUZ strollers without adapters


  • Quick and easy installation with the SMARTSecure system
  • Breathable and washable fabric.
  • Chemical-free fire retardant


  • Slightly heavier than some competitors
  • Higher price point

Nuna Infant Car Seats: Specs, Pros, and Cons

Under the Nuna infant car seat, we have two series: the Nuna Pipa series and the Nuna Pipa Lite series.

1. Nuna PIPA


  • Suitable for infants: 4-32 lbs and up to 32” in height
  • True lock installation
  • Side-impact protection with patented tailor-tech memory foam
  • Weighs approximately 7.9 lbs
  • Integrated canopy with UPF 50+


  • Lightweight design
  • Aircraft-certified for travel
  • It comes with a load leg for additional stability
  • Multiple base installation options


  • Limited stroller compatibility without adapters
  • Costly accessories

2. Nuna PIPA Lite


  • Suitable for infants: 4-32 lbs and up to 32” in height
  • Made with Aeroflex foam
  • Weighs around 5.3 lbs
  • No added fire-retardant chemicals


  • One of the lightest infant car seats available
  • Easy installation with the RELX base
  • Luxury look and feel


  • Does not have the “Dream Drape” sun shield
  • Must be used with a base, limiting travel flexibility

Having known the specs, pros, and cons of both car seats, deciding on which to settle for depends on parents’ specific needs:

  1. Lifestyle: For parents frequently on the move or those who travel a lot, the lightweight design of Nuna’s PIPA Lite or the aircraft-certified PIPA might be beneficial. On the other hand, if you own a UPPAbaby stroller, then it will only make sense to purchase the UPPAbaby Mesa.
  2. Budget: Both brands occupy a similar premium price range, but specific features might justify the price for some. For instance, the additional safety features of Nuna’s load leg or UPPAbaby’s chemical-free fire retardant can be deciding factors.
  3. Longevity and Compatibility: While both brands offer products with high longevity, stroller compatibility might be a deciding factor. Ensure that whatever seat you choose is compatible, or has adapters available, for your current or intended stroller.
  4. Installation and Ease of Use: Both brands prioritize ease of installation, but personal preferences or vehicle type can make one system preferable over the other. In my case, the Nuna Pipa Lite is my preferred option.
  5. Aesthetics and Comfort: While both brands offer aesthetically pleasing designs, you might find one more appealing based on personal taste or the comfort level of your infant during test fits.

Nuna Pipa Vs. UPPAbaby Mesa: Final Verdict

Both UPPAbaby’s MESA and Nuna’s PIPA series offer top-tier safety and design for your infant. Your individual needs, preferences, and lifestyle will be the ultimate deciders in this closely matched competition.

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Nuna Vs. UPPAbaby Convertible Car Seat

Under convertible car seats, our focus is to compare the two most popular convertible car seats from Nuna and UPPAbaby. In that case, we will do a Nuna RAVA vs. UPPAbaby Knox to know which is better.

UPPAbaby Knox Vs. Nuna Rava: Specs

Both the UPPAbaby Knox and Nuna Rava are popular convertible car seats with their own set of features and advantages. 

Choosing between them will depend on your specific needs and preferences. However, in the end, we will tell you which one we prefer.

Based on the listed factors below, the comparison will help you choose the one that meets your needs.

  1. Safety
    • UPPAbaby Knox features the SmartSecure System, which includes a visual indicator to ensure the seat is installed correctly. It also comes with side-impact pods for added safety.
    • Nuna Rava boasts a steel frame, energy-absorbing foam, and side impact protection pods. Additionally, it has an advanced SIP system with energy-absorbing foam and a reinforced frame.
  2. Ease of Installation
    • UPPAbaby Knox uses the SMARTSecure system with a tightness indicator and visual confirmation, making it relatively straightforward to install.
    • Nuna Rava features the True tension door system, which ensures a secure fit without much struggle. It’s known for its ease of installation.
  3. Comfort and Size
    • UPPAbaby Knox offers a multi-position recline, a no-rethread harness, and a removable infant insert for a better fit.
    • Nuna Rava comes with a 10-position recline, an adjustable headrest, and a built-in footrest. The Rava tends to offer more room, making it ideal for larger toddlers.
  4. Longevity and Weight Limits
    • UPPAbaby Knox is suitable for children from 14 lbs (with the infant insert) to 65 lbs.
    • Nuna Rava is suitable for children from 5 lbs to 50 lbs rear-facing and 25 lbs to 65 lbs forward-facing.
  5. Price
    • Both seats are premium and come with a higher price tag, but prices can fluctuate based on sales, region, and other factors. Typically, the Nuna Rava tends to be slightly more expensive than the UPPAbaby Knox.
  6. Other Features
    • UPPAbaby Knox has a unique Koroyd technology integrated into the base, which crumples upon impact and reduces forces transmitted to the child.
    • Nuna Rava comes with a cup holder, ventilation panels, and fabric that’s both breathable and washable.
  7. Country of Origin
    • UPPAbaby is a U.S.-based brand.
    • Nuna is originally from the Netherlands, but now, they’re an international brand with a strong presence in the U.S.

UPPAbaby Knox vs Nuna Rava: Our Thoughts

Which one is “better” between Knox and Rava will depend on your needs. If you value extended rear-facing and a more spacious seat, the Nuna Rava might be a better choice. On the other hand, if the installation process and the unique safety features of the Koroyd technology appeal to you, the UPPAbaby Knox might be more suitable.

Personally, as long as the UPPAbaby Knox is spacious enough for my little one, it would be my pick. Apart from being safe and comfortable, it costs less than the Rava and the Nuna Exec

However, if a difference of between $100 and $150 doesn’t mean a lot to you, investing in the Nuna Rava can be a great one.

Nuna Vs. UPPAbaby Strollers: Comparing Both Brands And General Compatibility

When comparing stroller compatibility between Nuna and UPPAbaby, it’s important to consider both brands’ strollers and infant car seats. 

Both companies offer adapters to make their products more versatile, but let’s break down the general compatibility:

  1. Nuna Car Seats:
    • Popular Models: Nuna PIPA, PIPA Lite, PIPA Lite LX, PIPA Lite R, and PIPA RX
  2. UPPAbaby Strollers:
    • Popular Models: UPPAbaby VISTA, UPPAbaby CRUZ, UPPAbaby MINU.


  1. Nuna Car Seats with UPPAbaby Strollers:
    • UPPAbaby VISTA & CRUZ: With adapters, Nuna car seats can be compatible with both the UPPAbaby VISTA and CRUZ strollers.
    • UPPAbaby MINU: Nuna car seats can also be attached to the MINU using the appropriate adapter.
  2. UPPAbaby Car Seats with Nuna Strollers:
    • UPPAbaby’s popular car seat is the MESA. Generally, the MESA is not directly compatible with Nuna strollers without using third-party adapters, which might not always guarantee the same level of safety and fit. Always use caution and do thorough research before using third-party adapters.

Additional Points to Consider

  • Versatility: Nuna car seats tend to offer broader compatibility with a range of stroller brands using adapters than UPPAbaby MESA does.
  • Ease of Attachment: Adapters can vary in ease of use. Some parents find certain adapters more intuitive and user-friendly than others.
  • Double Strollers: If you’re planning to expand your family and are considering a double stroller in the future, you might want to consider how these car seats would work in a double stroller configuration, especially with brands like UPPAbaby VISTA, which can convert to a double.
  • Lifestyle Needs: Some families prefer travel systems where the car seat and stroller are from the same brand for a seamless fit, while others prioritize specific features in a car seat and stroller separately and are okay using adapters.

My Take

While both Nuna and UPPAbaby offer high-quality products, the compatibility between their car seats and strollers revolves mostly around the use of adapters. 

If you’re leaning toward a Nuna car seat and a UPPAbaby stroller, or vice versa, always make sure to test the fit with the adapters before purchasing and ensure it feels secure and stable.

Nevertheless, I like to purchase my car seat and stroller from the same brand. That way, I don’t have to worry about any compatibility issues.


Whether you are interested in buying an infant car seat, a convertible car seat, or a car seat and stroller combo from Nuna or UPPAbaby, there are certain factors you need to consider.

Since both brands produce safe and top-notch products, you don’t need to feel daunted when choosing between the two. All you need to do is know your preference and choose the one that aligns with it.

Factors such as budget, ease of installation, versatility, weight limits, etc. are what you should consider before making a decision. Thankfully, this UPPAbaby vs. Nuna write-up has broken down all that is needed to be known by parents.

Go ahead and make your choice and give your little one an amazing ride!

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