How To Put Car Seat In Shopping Cart: Safety Tips

When you need to go grocery shopping with your little one, it’s important to ensure their safety and comfort. One common question among parents is how to put car seat in shopping cart.

While it may seem convenient to place the car seat on top of the cart, this can be dangerous and lead to accidents. To help you navigate this situation, I have come up with some safe methods to secure a car seat in a shopping cart.

How to put a car seat in shopping cart?

How To Secure A Baby In A Shopping Cart?

There are basically two options available to parents who want to put their little one in a cart while shopping.

Option 1: Use a Shopping Cart Hammock

One popular option is to use a shopping cart hammock. This accessory attaches to the sides of the cart and creates a secure space for your baby.

Simply attach the hammock to the cart, place your baby in it, and strap them in. The hammock floats on top of the main basket, keeping your baby safe and allowing you to have enough space for groceries.

Option 2: Place the Car Seat in the Cart’s Main Basket

If you prefer not to use a hammock, another safe alternative is to place the car seat directly in the cart’s main basket. Make sure the car seat is properly set in the basket, with the base securely placed.

This method ensures stability and reduces the risk of the car seat falling off the cart while you shop. Remember to avoid placing items like raw meat near your baby for hygiene purposes.

Alternative To Putting A Car Seat In A Shopping Cart

Most parents are skeptical about the safety of their babies when placed in a shopping cart. If you fall under this category, an alternative to using a car seat in the shopping cart is to wear your baby in a sling, wrap, or carrier.

This allows you to keep your baby close while having both hands free for shopping. It’s essential to choose a carrier that provides proper support for your baby’s head and neck and allows for easy movement while shopping.

Another better alternative to using a car seat on a shopping cart is to bring someone with you. Having an extra set of hands can be helpful when shopping with a baby. They can help you navigate the store and hold the baby while you select items.

How Safe Is It To Put Car Seat In Shopping Cart?

According to various sources including the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), it is never a safe practice to place a car seat on top of a shopping cart.

The AAP advises against trying to balance a baby’s car seat on top of the cart’s toddler seat, as it can lead to accidents and potential injuries.

It’s important to prioritize the safety of your child while shopping by following alternative methods such as using a shopping cart hammock, placing the car seat in the cart’s main basket, or wearing your baby in a sling or carrier. These methods provide a safer and more secure option for shopping with your little one.

Are Car Seats And Shopping Carts Compatible?

The primary concern is whether the car seat is designed to fit securely in a shopping cart. Car seats are primarily designed for vehicle safety and not all are suitable for attachment to a shopping cart. Even if the car seat clicks into place on the cart, it may not be safe.

Risks of Improper Fitting

As a parent, you don’t want to fit a car seat in a shopping cart improperly for the following reasons:

  1. Tipping Hazard: The biggest risk of placing a car seat in a shopping cart is that it can cause the cart to tip over due to the weight distribution. Car seats are heavy, especially with a child in them, and placing them at the top of the cart or in the main basket can make the cart top-heavy and prone to tipping.
  2. Falls: If a car seat is not properly secured in the shopping cart, there’s a risk of the seat falling off, particularly if the cart is bumped or when going over a curb. Even a small fall can be dangerous for an infant.
  3. Entrapment and Injuries: There’s also the risk of the child’s fingers getting pinched or trapped if the car seat is not positioned correctly.

How to Put Car Seat in Shopping Cart: Safety Procedures

If you are left with the only option of using a car seat on a shopping cart, then you must adhere to these safety guidelines:

  1. Always follow the car seat and shopping cart manufacturer’s guidelines. Some car seats and shopping carts are specifically designed to work together. Also, be mindful of the weight limit specified by the shopping cart manufacturer.
  2. If the shopping cart has a designated space for a car seat, use it—but still be cautious about the cart’s stability.
  3. Avoid placing heavy or bulky items in the cart that may cause the car seat to tip over.
  4. Always ensure the car seat is securely fastened and stable in the shopping cart.
  5. Rather than placing the car seat in the cart, it might be safer to use a stroller or a baby carrier while shopping, or look for stores that offer carts with built-in infant seats.
  6. If you do place the car seat in a shopping cart, never leave it unattended. A child’s movements can shift the weight and cause the cart to tip.

Best Practices

  • Always ensure the car seat is securely fastened in the cart.
  • Test the cart for stability before placing your child inside.
  • Don’t place other items in the cart that could shift the weight balance drastically.
  • Avoid high-traffic areas and be cautious on uneven surfaces.

Putting A Car Seat In A Shopping Cart: Final Thoughts

While it may seem convenient to place a car seat in a shopping cart, the practice is fraught with potential hazards.

Parents and caregivers must be vigilant about safety and explore alternatives if the car seat and shopping cart combination does not appear stable or secure. Safety should always take precedence over convenience.

In my case, I always prefer using a wrap or bring someone with me for a seamless experience. Just do whatever seems convenient for you but never compromise your little one’s safety.


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