Best Nursing Jobs For Flexibility (3-Minute Read)

In today’s fast-paced world, flexibility is not just a perk but a necessity for many professionals, including nurses. Balancing personal life and a demanding career can be challenging.

This article provides a comprehensive guide on the best nursing jobs for flexibility, helping nurses enjoy a rewarding career without sacrificing their personal lives.

Best Flexible Jobs for Nurses

Understanding Job Flexibility in Nursing

Job flexibility refers to the ability to adjust working hours or work location to accommodate personal needs. For nurses, flexibility could mean working part-time, on a per diem basis, or from home as a telehealth nurse.

The importance of job flexibility lies in its potential to improve work-life balance, reduce burnout, and ultimately lead to a more satisfying career.

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The Demand for Flexible Nursing Jobs

The demand for flexible nursing jobs has surged in recent years, driven by lifestyle changes and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many nurses are seeking roles that offer better work-life balance and allow them to manage family commitments or pursue further studies.

Types of Flexible Nursing Jobs

There are several types of flexible nursing jobs available:

  • Part-time Nursing Jobs: These roles offer fewer hours compared to full-time positions, providing more free time.
  • Per Diem Nursing Jobs: Per diem nurses work on an as-needed basis, offering a great deal of flexibility.
  • Travel Nursing Jobs: Travel nurses take on short-term assignments in various locations, ideal for those who love to travel.
  • Telehealth Nursing Jobs: These roles involve providing healthcare services remotely, often from home.
  • Freelance Nursing Jobs: Freelance nurses work independently, allowing them to choose their projects and set their schedules.
  • Agency Nursing Jobs: Agency nurses work for a nursing agency rather than a specific healthcare facility, often filling in gaps on an as-needed basis.
  • Flexi-shift Nursing Jobs: These roles allow nurses to choose their shifts, offering greater control over their schedules.

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Profiles of Best Flexible Nursing Jobs

Below are the profiles of the best nursing jobs for flexibility:

1. Telehealth Nursing

Telehealth nursing is a rapidly growing field that allows nurses to provide healthcare services remotely, typically over the phone or through video conferencing. This role offers excellent flexibility as it can often be done from home and outside traditional office hours.

2. Informatics Nurse

Informatics nurses combine healthcare and information technology to improve patient care. They may work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, research institutions, and tech companies, and may have the opportunity to work remotely.

3. Nurse Consultant

Nurse consultants provide expert advice and guidance on various aspects of healthcare, from clinical practice to legal issues. They often have the freedom to set their schedules and may work for multiple clients, offering a high degree of flexibility.

4. Nurse Health Coach

Nurse health coaches help patients manage their health conditions and achieve their wellness goals. They may work in a variety of settings, including healthcare facilities, corporations, or privately, and may offer services remotely.

5. Nurse Writer

Nurse writers use their clinical knowledge and writing skills to create healthcare content. They can work on a freelance basis, allowing them to choose their projects and work hours.

6. Home Health Nurse

Home health nurses provide care for patients in their homes. This role offers flexible hours and the opportunity to build deeper relationships with patients.

7. Legal Nurse Consultant

Legal nurse consultants apply their clinical experience to legal cases, helping attorneys understand medical terminology and healthcare issues. They can work independently on a freelance basis or for a law firm, often on a flexible schedule.

8. Mental Health Nurse

Mental health nurses specialize in caring for patients with mental health issues. They can work in various settings, including hospitals, mental health facilities, and private practice, with opportunities for flexible hours.

9. Nurse Midwife

Nurse midwives provide care for women during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. They may work in hospitals, birthing centers, or patients’ homes, and may have some control over their schedules.

10. Healthcare Recruiter

Healthcare recruiters, also known as nurse recruiters, match healthcare professionals with job opportunities. This role can often be done remotely and may offer flexible working hours.

11. Registered Nurse – Home Health

Registered nurses in home health provide medical care for patients in their homes. This can include monitoring vital signs, administering medication, and providing emotional support. This role offers flexibility in scheduling and the opportunity to work independently.

With a wide range of flexible nursing jobs available, nurses can find roles that suit their lifestyle and career goals. Always refer to the specific job listings for details about the flexibility and requirements of each role.

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Factors to Consider When Looking for a Flexible Nursing Job

When searching for a flexible nursing job, several factors should be taken into account to ensure that the position aligns with your personal needs and career goals.

1. Type of Flexibility: Different jobs offer different types of flexibility. For example, per diem nursing allows you to choose when and where you work while telecommuting nursing can be done remotely. Consider what type of flexibility is most important to you.

2. Job Security: Some flexible nursing jobs, such as per-diem work, may not guarantee consistent work. It’s important to consider whether this uncertainty is something you’re comfortable with.

3. Self-Direction and Motivation: Flexible nursing jobs often require you to be self-directed and motivated to continually look for work. Assess whether you have these traits or are willing to develop them.

4. Workplace Flexibility: Look at whether potential workplaces offer flexible work arrangements. This could include options to work part-time, on different shifts, or remotely.

5. Career Goals: Consider how a flexible nursing job aligns with your long-term career goals. For example, if you’re interested in a particular specialization, does the job offer opportunities in that area?

6. Licensing and Experience: Many flexible RN jobs require a nursing license and several years of experience. Ensure that you meet these qualifications or have a plan to attain them.

7. Competition: Being flexible could give you an edge in a competitive job market. Consider whether you’re willing to be flexible about things like work hours and location to increase your chances of landing a job.

8. Scheduling: Nursing gig shifts can offer more flexibility in scheduling, but it’s important to consider the potential drawbacks, such as lack of benefits or job security.

How to Secure a Flexible Nursing Job

Securing a flexible nursing job requires preparation, adaptability, and a strategic approach. Here are steps to help you secure a flexible nursing job:

1. Understand Your Flexibility Needs: Before starting your job search, understand what flexibility means to you. This could be the ability to work remotely, choose your shifts, or balance your career with personal obligations.

2. Tailor Your Resume: Create a professional resume that is tailored to the flexible nursing job you want. Highlight relevant skills, experiences, and qualifications that make you a strong candidate for flexible roles.

3. Utilize Career Services: If you’re a recent graduate, utilize career services offered by your school. They can provide valuable resources and guidance to help you secure a job.

4. Consider Internships and Externships: Gaining experience through internships and externships can increase your chances of securing a flexible nursing job.

5. Network Actively: Networking can open doors to opportunities that may not be advertised. Attend industry events, use social media, and reach out to contacts in the nursing field.

6. Be Flexible in Your Job Search: During uncertain times, it’s important to be flexible in your job search. You may need to consider positions outside your preferred area or be open to relocating.

7. Explore Apps for Flexible Shifts: There are apps available that can help you find flexible nursing shifts. These can increase control over your schedule and reduce burnout.

8. Communicate Your Needs: Explain your situation to HR, workforce managers, or your supervisor. Clearly communicate how you can manage your personal needs and career aspirations.

9. Consider Per Diem Work: Per diem work offers a high degree of flexibility. If you choose this route, be organized, commit to the nature of the job, and be observant.

10. Review Resume Examples for Contract Nurse Jobs: Look at resume examples for contract nurse jobs to understand what employers are looking for. Ensure your resume is free of spelling and grammatical errors and includes the most important information.

By following these steps, you can increase your chances of securing a flexible nursing job that meets your needs and furthers your career.

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Challenges and Solutions in Flexible Nursing Jobs

Challenges in Flexible Nursing Jobs

1. Staffing Shortages

One of the major challenges in flexible nursing jobs is staffing shortages. This can result in nurses having to work double shifts or be responsible for more patients, leading to overwork and potentially increasing the risk of medical errors.

2. Maintaining Patient Care Standards

Another challenge is maintaining patient care standards while ensuring workforce flexibility. This can be particularly difficult in situations where nurses are required to work in different units or facilities.

3. Scheduling Flexibility

Lack of scheduling flexibility can be a key driver for nurses deciding to leave their jobs. Traditional nursing schedules can make it hard to develop regular sleep patterns, which can affect overall health and well-being.

4. The Demands of Remote Work

While remote nursing jobs offer many benefits, they also come with their own set of challenges. These can include technical issues, feelings of isolation, and difficulties managing work-life balance.

5. Navigating Per Diem Schedules

Per diem nursing offers a high degree of flexibility, but managing such a schedule can be challenging. Nurses must be proactive and organized to ensure they can meet their personal needs while fulfilling their professional responsibilities.

Solutions in Flexible Nursing Jobs

1. Implementing Nurse Staffing Solutions

Addressing staffing shortages can alleviate some of the challenges associated with flexible nursing jobs. This could involve hiring additional staff, offering competitive compensation packages, or implementing innovative staffing models.

2. Utilizing Nursing Float Pools

Nursing float pools, where nurses are trained to work in multiple units, can provide more workforce flexibility and help maintain patient care standards.

3. Improving Scheduling Practices

Implementing more flexible scheduling practices can improve nurse satisfaction and retention. This could involve allowing nurses to choose their shifts or offering a mix of full-time, part-time, and per diem roles.

4. Providing Support for Remote Nurses

Providing adequate support for remote nurses can help them navigate the challenges of working remotely. This could include providing technical support, fostering a sense of community, and promoting healthy work-life balance practices.

5. Offering Training for Per Diem Nurses

Offering training and resources for per diem nurses can help them manage their flexible schedules effectively.

Therefore, while flexible nursing jobs present a number of challenges, there are also a variety of solutions available that can help nurses thrive in these roles.

Case Studies

Many nurses have successfully found flexibility in their careers. For example, Sarah, a telehealth nurse, enjoys the flexibility of working from home and balancing her career with family life.

Meanwhile, John, a travel nurse, relishes the opportunity to explore new places while advancing his career.


Job flexibility in nursing can lead to a more balanced and fulfilling career. By understanding the different types of flexible nursing jobs available and how to secure them, you can find a role that fits your lifestyle and meets your career goals.

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